Hello again friends ? Coach here again with your weekly dose of tough love ?

So off the back of last weeks post I thought I would put together a short list of some actionable items to help you get your shit together and become a little more mentally resiliant …here is a short list of things you can do to make you the most kick ass boss AF MF in the rooooom…

Blame only yourself:

Face it homie, you are where you are because of you, and weather or not you stay there is up to you to… in the words of Rob Bailey and the hustle standard “I’m my best chance on my worst day.” Exercise extreme ownership my friend

You’re not busy, you’re just unorganised:

Man! ‘busy’ has become a status symbol, when did becoming so busy you can’t sort your own shit out become the cool thing… get google calendar and schedule in the things that matter to you, set a reminder for all these things and when they come up… do them! Busier people than you make time for the things that matter to them, Like I said: You’re not busy, you’re just unorganised

Discomfort is a must:

I don’t mean you have to wake up, put wet socks on and run in the dark for 3 hours before your breakfast of raw eggs… I just mean for you to achieve anything worth it you are going to have to go through some level of discomfort, and that could be experianced in a million different ways… Just understand that this is a must if you want to achieve your goals

Love coach