Many of the us have a huge misunderstanding of what it means to scale workouts – Scaling is the beauty of Crossfit, it is why CrossFit is for EVERYONE regardless of your ability/fitness levels. 

But..Why Scale Bro? I just want to RX everything…
Well..Ever heard a Coach say something along the lines of “Mechanics, Consistency and then intensity? This goes onto my next point. It is important to perform movement patterns in a controlled setting before we add load. Adding strength to dysfunction will lead to injury. Scaling a workout is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not for the weak and the “beginner” and does not mean your workout was less worthy because you scaled. We actually LOVE seeing our members scale. 
Scaling helps us find the stimulus required…if the stimulus is METABOLIC CONDITIONING and you can’t keep that intensity going at the prescribed weight, then the smartest thing would be for you to scale (this is to keep you safe and healthy and continuing to improve) 
A great example of this might be Fran:
Thrusters and Pull-ups 
Let’s just say you just got your very FIRST Pull-up the day before and you walk into Fran..The smartest Option wouldn’t be to do pull-ups in the workout (since let’s be real you would probably be failing very fast and definitely having that staring competition with the wall) the smartest option would be for you to go to a scaled alternative (maybe a jumping pull-up or a ring row) to get the right stimulus – which is a fast metabolic conditioning peice. 

Scaling is how you maintain quality movement with high intensity and get from the athlete you are now to the athlete you would like to become.. Scaling is how you learn to move more efficiently and build confidence to eventually lift heavier loads. 
First learn and master the mechanics with proper form and consistency, then add intensity. If a coach tells you to lighten the load or perform another movement they aren’t insulting you. It is called coaching. If you’re too proud to listen then chances are likely that your training life will be short lived.
Never be ashamed of scaling my Friend, Scaling is cool. (Just like you)