So many times I have been tempted to get a body scanner or some kind of Gucci scales that have pretty print outs and graphs for the box, but then I remember the best metric for measuring your health…your fitness!

For the person hitting 1 WOD a day and just looking to be the healthiest version of themselves, there is a better and more accurate way of going about assessing your health

Assuming the fancy machines are intended to give you a snapshot of your health, let’s talk about how we assess your health and measure your progress 

We measure your health by measuring your fitness and by assessing how much weight you move, over what distance and how long it took you. This can be anything from body weight to getting under the bar or even how well you do in a ROM WOD session

Our focus is on increasing work capacity, increasing your fitness – is how to remain healthy and avoid chronic disease. Just get a better Fran time, better deadlift, better Diane time, and do all the things that would support a better Fran time—like eating meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar; getting plenty of sleep; and maybe taking some fish oil. After that, we are out of stuff that matters… including numbers on a page that may not even be correct

With that singular focus on work capacity, not only can we assess where you are and how far you have come, we can avoid chronic disease in the process.

Make it to the box, eat like we tell you, and enjoy yourself… that’s is 🙂