The human body isn’t symmetrical.. We start out with some natural asymmetry in our body, which over time becomes even more apparent. We have dominant sides, and many one sided dominant movements that we perform day to day. 
Do you use both hands while cleaning or do you favour one side? 
Do you play sport which requires you to work one side or one part of the body more than one? 
Or maybe do you find you have one shoulder that just isn’t as strong as the other when training? (Think of little shoulder/knee niggles that a lot of us struggle with. This could be because of an imbalance! 
Therefore, this is the reason Uni-lateral training is so important.  

To help counterbalance and avoid injury it’s important that we train single side movements – Think Single arm Dumbbell Press or a single leg Step up as some examples of this. 

Have you ever done a Workout with a Dumbbell let’s say at 15kg per hand…Which equals 30kg right? And it feels REALLY heavy but you do the same Workout with a 30kg Barbell and it feels super light? This is because when we work Single body movements the body can’t rely on the stronger side to do the work for you. 

Just remember this…
The pyramid is only as solid as the base…so make sure the base is super strong! 

So try adding some Uni-lateral work into your training and see how it can benefit you 🙂