Before starting CrossFit, there are many “can’t” moments in life. But by doing this form of exercise, you are pushing yourself and showing that you CAN. You are breaking down invisible barriers and overcoming obstacles. Even in your everyday life, you see yourself having more of a “can” attitude.

CrossFit is hard, it is. But if you can do CrossFit, you can do almost anything. To see yourself be able to lift your heavy will give you a rush of joy. CrossFit builds confidence and helps you learn to believe in yourself. You may surprise yourself with the weight you are able to lift and gain new insights, as well as be amazed at your own achievements!

We have all had those days when nothing seems to go right. Days when no matter how hard you try you are never good enough. Well, instead of taking that anger out on other people, take it out on the weights at the box. Do those slam balls like you mean it, conversely if you have had a day where you seem on top of the world, go into the gym and hit a new PR.

You might need to re – read this one. Exercise = fun? How can this be? with the constantly varied WOD’s, you can never guess what the WOD will be. There is never leg day, leg day, leg day, and another leg day. You are constantly working out every part of your body with every warmup, strength training, and WOD. The workouts also have different types of movements, some that you may not be able to experience at a regular gym. Crossfit IS fun!