We get it…
It tough, It’s too hot or too cold, It’s uncomfortable, It’s 6am, you’re tired
what other choice do you have?
You started for a reason, remember that
You made up your mind that it’s time to change
People believe that there is a secret to earning results, there’s not
There is no secret pill, no magical food, and nothing that anyone can say to you that’s going to give you what’s desired.
It comes down to EFFORT.
I understand…
you’ve heard it all before.
But putting in effort and engaging in consistent action, is what is going to get you the desired outcome.
What does brushing your teeth twice a day get you? Nothing. It’s the consistent action that’s going to give you the result of clean teeth.
Its one thing to be consistent
Its one thing to put in effort
But if you can do both, you will become unstoppable
– Coach Angus