When your environment is unstable you should not try and look too far into the future

Imagine you are in a firefight with an enemy determined to kill you and your platoon… 

Would you be thinking about what you were going to do on your next holiday, probably not

You would be prioritizing and executing immediate threats, covering your team and doing everything in your power to get through this moment alive 

If in this moment you were daydreaming about holiday, not only would you be useless but you would be putting your platoon at risk 

That is how you need to start viewing the current situation

Worrying about when things will end or change is helping no one  

Stop trying to look too far into the future, your community needs you here and now 

The best thing you can do to secure the health of your family and community is to live in this moment right now

Do what you can with what you have now

“If you’re in a position to help and you don’t, your a piece of shit” – JJ