If you are interested in pursuing a life of health and fitness and are keen to pursue things that lead you down this path of development, then understand you are going to do a very poor job when you first start out, there is 0% chance you will get it right in the beginning

But, if developing into someone who is in command of their health and wellbeing truly is a goal, the do you think it’s worth while fumbling around like a fool in the beginning if in the end you are someone who improves not only their own live but the lives of the people around them…

It’s an error ridden process, and in the beginning there will be more than you can count and that’s fine

Time will pass regardless, you may as well move toward the best possible version of yourself while you’re waiting  

If you are not willing to learn (be a fool) you will not grow (become a master)

Here is an example of exactly what I mean: