Seems like every blog post of mine has a common thread or feel:

Don’t be lazy, take responsibility for your own shit

This one is covers off on both

I am a big rob Bailey & the hustle standard fan

In one of their songs there is a line “I’m my best chance on my worst day”

This line is so bang on!

When you are having the most shit day/week/month imaginable…

The only one who is responsible for turning it around is you

I know this sounds obvious… but do you practice this, or is it something external that pulled you out of your own bullshit

What I am saying is don’t wait for the weather to get nice

Don’t wait till you feel a little better

Don’t wait till old mate bails you out

The only way you will reach any goal you have set for yourself or snap out of whatever slump you are in is if you keep pushing on when nothing is going your way

Or in the words of Ivan Greenland “Go hard while you can, son”

You are your best chance on your worst day