Sharing or posting your results for others to see is often perceived as being frightening more than rewarding.
But by not sharing your results with others, can actually hinder you. Why??

There are numerous benefits that have been identified, and I just want to cover a few to start with…

1. Helps you become a Healthier and Fitter individual – if you post your results you are then allowing others (coaches and friends) to give you feedback on what you are doing well and what can be improved upon!

2. Staying on track with your goals – one of the greatest ways to staying on track is to write them down! This includes sharing them, and also your progress toward them with your support network!

3. Developing the mind – sometimes we can’t help but compare our scores to others. Instead of being happy with our own effort, we almost immediately neglect it as someone has done “better” than us. Instead of doing this we should be comparing our score to our previous score. This way we can actually see our progress or what needs to change in order to move the needle. To be able to do this…it means sharing/posting your results!

I can identify a few more reasons why we need to track and share results, however I’m going to leave this one right here!

Time to start sharing your results with your support network and community!