“Be present in the moment. This moment is your life.” – Kristin Holte

“What if this was our permanent reality?

What if from now on, this was just the way it is?

We stay at home, order takeout from a limited selection of restaurants, work from home, and communicate with our friends via Zoom and Facetime?

Would you still be living your life the same way you’re living it right now?

Would how you approach each day change if you knew that this was just how it was going to be from now on?”

It’s an interesting concept to think about.

In a time of great uncertainty, I’ve seen many people declare quite loudly via social media that they’re “bored” and using this time to up their nap game and journey deep into the abyss of Netflix.

All of this is done within the context that this temporary situation provides an excuse to take a break from life, because the anxiety of it all is just too great.

While I’m all in favor of self care, whether that comes in the form of naps or a good Netflix binge, what I often find during times like this, is that people are using those things as a way to simply pass the time until life returns to “normal”.

They create the illusion for themselves that this isn’t actually “real life”, and that right now, their only goal is just to make it through until the pandemic passes, the anxiety subsides, and the world returns to “normal”.

What people often forget though, is that this is real life.

And although you may not be doing everything you “value” right now, you’re setting up your behavior patterns for when we return to the “normal” way of living.

If i was to tell you that there will be a test in a months time, and you’re being tested on your math knowledge…and if you pass you receive ten million dollars!

Would you study super hard, or lounge around in hope that you may or may not pass?

My guess is that you’re pretty likely to work your ass off!

Life is no different.

We are continually being tested, and in order to move to the next grade we have to pass that test.

And instead of winning ten million dollars, we win fulfillment!

Yet most people and blinded by the illusion of an easy life where everything magically falls into our lap.

Get out there and challenge yourself!

Be The Bull in whatever you do!

and just remember…