Of course the Coach is always going to remind you of your posture and movement inside the gym

But what about when you leave the gym?

What about the other 23 hours of the day when you don’t have someone there, telling you…

“Stand up straight.”

“Shoulders back.”

“Chin up.”


Think about it

For most of us, we only really focus on the way we move and how we stand during that 1hour class.

Yes that’s going to help teach you the positions you should be in!


It’s up to you to take those lessons on board and practice them outside of the gym.


Something as simple as lifting the grocery bags off the floor can be detrimental to your health. IF you

don’t know how to do it correctly.


Or even playing with your children.

For example, I know someone who has attempted to lift their child off the ground and throw them


Unfortunately they ended up pulling a muscle in their back.

Something that CrossFit teaches, like the Clean & Jerk…Could have saved this person from injury!

The importance of knowing how to move correctly in the gym AND then applying it to the rest of

your life is crucial!

With more and more jobs becoming sedentary…

The more and more we need to understand the human nature of movement and posture.

You may just save yourself from significant injury!!

If you are looking to improve your position at every opportunity you can, take a look at this short video on the book desk-bound