Everyone has obstacles, try not to convince yourself that yours are someone worse then anyone else, or worse yet… try not to convince yourself that you can not push through it

When you first start out in CrossFit (or anything for that matter) it seems easy to stay motivated

Everything is new and exciting, you meet lots of cool new people and learn lots of cool new things

But then something happens… you miss one class because you were tired, another because you had to work late and then before you know it you have not been for a week

Boom! you have successfully convinced yourself that your obstacles can not possibly be overcome in the present moment and you put it off for the ever elusive “tomorrow”

If this seems like you, maybe this letter I spotted in the CrossFit Journal from a coach to a client will help you…

“I’m not your enabler. It’s bull to give up on your workouts. I don’t care how busy you are, or how exhausted you are. Get your ass back to CrossFit. Letting your workouts go is totally reverting to your old self. You are not that person. I refuse to sit back and not say anything and just let you go back to that.

“You may think it’s just a side step and that you are just taking a small break. Nope. Small breaks turn into big ones. … You aren’t going to accomplish anything else significant if you don’t put yourself first for that one hour a day. It will be totally impossible to be the person you need to be to become successful and stay successful. You are the strongest woman I know. Now go prove me right.”

An obstacle is defined as “something that impedes progress toward a goal.” If the obstacle wins—if it actually stops you—you won’t reach that goal. There are only two choices: continue to get healthier or start getting sick again.

Your obstacle might be a schedule change or an injury. It might be huge, like a divorce, a health crisis or a death in the family. It could be discouragement or depression.

Whatever your challenge,  do not give up on yourself.

Show up. Do the work. Then deal with whatever life is trying to smack you with.


-CrossFit Journal