It’s that time of the year again… Open season!
If you are not sure what the open is you can suss out a video explanation HERE but for the purposes of this post all you need to know is that it’s an online fitness competition consisting of 5 workouts across five weeks.
Every year we try to recruit people to get involved in this competition, let me tell you why
It’s an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself
The open (or any competition/race you enter) will involve things you can not do, skills you are yet to master, weights you can not lift, and paces you are unable to maintain (fail)… and that’s the best reason to enter (growth)
Most people are keen to stay clear of the open for those exact reasons, but think about it like this…
You are given an easy puzzle to complete, you complete it in a short while with very little trouble
You feel great! you accomplished something 🙂
Now, would you like to do that same puzzle over again, or try a more difficult one…
Completing the same puzzle over again will not give you the same feeling it did the first time around, but more than that you won’t learn anything new
Yeah, you will suck at this new puzzle in the beginning (fail) but keeping at it will teach you so much more about yourself (growth) than repeating one you have already mastered
If that example fell apart, let me leave you with this
Register for the open
(Define the parameters by which you will succeed and fail)
Approach every workout ready to learn, not ready to crack the shits
(Focus on your effort, not where you land on the leaderboard)