Feeling constantly run down? Do you wake up STILL feeling tired?

Here’s how to finally break this pattern!

Ask any doctor, fitness professional or coach, and they’ll tell you how critical sleep is in regards to athletic performance, to business owners, to mums, dads, kids, and just about anyone who wants to RECOVER!

Blah blah blah! You’ve heard the whole deal before.

You likely know that sleep is key, but do you know how much sleep your body really needs to recharge? And whether your sleep is really quality sleep? 

Sure, you can roughly estimate the amount of sleep you’re getting based on the time you go to bed and the time you get up, but that’s only part of the picture…

The stuff we are after is REM sleep!

REM sleep is where all the good stuff happens. From CNS recovery, to human growth hormone release, memory consolidation, production of proteins, etc.

But how do you know if you get enough REM sleep consistently?

You can’t just simply work it out from the amount of hours you have slept.

E.g. a person who gets 9hrs total sleep might only accumulate 1hr of REM. However a person who gets 6hrs total sleep might get 2hrs REM.

It all just depends.

How do you track your REM sleep you ask??


There are hundreds of tools on the market. But I’ve made it easy for you! I’ve narrowed it down to 3 of the most ACCURATE and BEST tools.

2.Oura ring – very accurate sleep tracking tool! It will measure the total amount of sleep to the amount of REM sleep and a heap more! Prices for the Oura Ring are around $300 and are worth every penny!

2. Polar Vantage M – extremely accurate sleep tracking tool, as well as a tool that tracks your heart rate throughout the day, exercise, and a lot more! This tool goes for about $500 and is 100% worth it if you are looking for a bit more than just a sleep tracker.

3. Polar Vantage V – this tool is essentially the exact same as the Polar Vantage M however, it’s more built for athletic use. On top of everything else that I already covered, the V model is knock proof, touch screen, and has an in built barometer. Price is about $600 depending on place of purchase.

What I will say is do your own research on the tools as well. I’ve given you the best ones in my opinion, however it’s important that you check them out as well!