Something is always better than nothing. 

Lockdown is tough for most of us. It can leave us feeling all types of emotions. 
Gym’s get shut down, We can’t see friends and family (or have that social element on a daily basis that we would have if restrictions weren’t in place) some of us have to work from home, routine’s get changed, home-schooling comes into play…the list goes on and on… And before you know it, everything can seem a bit too hard. 

One thing I found during the last Lockdown that slipped away first was staying active, something we all need ESPECIALLY when we aren’t able to do all the daily activities we could do. 
General movement isn’t just good for a physical health, movement has a massive impact on our mental health too. Ever sat around all day, only to get down on yourself because you “Haven’t done anything today.” I know I have. 

Something to remember during Lockdown. 

something is always better than nothing. 

Just like some days it’s tough to get up and come to the gym. It’s a habit we have had to build day by day. Think of the lock down as just that, building a habit! 

Struggling to find motivation to Work out? Why don’t you start with a 10-minute walk every day for the next 5 days? 
If that seems like a bit too much, why don’t you challenge yourself to spend 5 – minutes a day stretching? 

Struggling to eat healthy during the Lockdown? Challenge yourself to eat 3 vegetables per day for the next 5 days. 

Remember this… “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Sometimes the habit of the habit is the most important part.”