“But shouldn’t I go heavier?”
“The whiteboard says 50kg…I have to lift that!”
I feel like I should be doing that.”
The stimulus that you feel during a workout is PERSONAL.
It is based off YOUR fitness level and ability.
Often we find ourselves getting caught up in what other people are doing, what weight they are
lifting, or how high they are box jumping…and forget about our OWN performance.
Take the workout “Fran” for example (thrusters and Pullups)
we want everyone from the experienced athlete to Grandma done with the workout in 7
minutes or less.
Now, the thruster weight should be “light.”
But the feeling of a “light” weight varies from person to person.
To preserve stimulus and to maximize the effectiveness of the workout, we may need to
decrease the weight quite a bit.
If 7 minutes is exceeded, you are receiving a different stimulus than is desired. And according to your
body, you are doing a different workout then everyone else.
So next time you are up at the board staring at the workout…don’t think ‘which weight should I use?’
Ask your coach ‘which weight should I use that best preserves the stimulus for me?’
Focus on maximizing your potential and results, not what the prescribed weight is but yet what the
prescribed stimulus is!
“Focus on prescribed stimulus not RX weight” – CrossFit Livermore