Your hydration balance drastically affects your;

  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Cognitive function
  • And other processes throughout the body

Water intake also contributes to the regulation of body temperature and lubrication of joints!

Without proper hydration, it is common to feel sluggish or light headed, and endure muscle cramps.

Alright! So you understand what can happen without the appropriate hydration balance.

What’s the next step??



The approximate rule for water intake is, your body weight x 22ml. And set that number to your MINIMUM daily water intake!

(e.g. for a person who weighs 80kg…(80 x 22 = 1760ml of water))

So this would mean this person should consume a MINIMUM of 1760ml PER DAY.



It’s all good and well to have set the goal, but IMPLEMENTING is another beast.

I find carrying around a drink bottle at all times holds me accountable to keep on taking sips throughout the day!



Now you have set you goal and are implementing it.

Be sure to monitor it also for the first couple of weeks!

If you are feeling great, awesome! Keep doing what you are doing.

If you aren’t feeling awesome, try adding a little more water in or taking some out depending on the following keys…


Some KEY ways to monitor are:

  1. The old trick of checking your urine colour. You don’t want your urine to be white but more of a light yellow! (Dark yellow = more water intake needed. Clear = less water intake).
  2. Feeling constantly bloated could be a sign of too much water consumption!


So there you go!