When people start out at CFBD one of the first things they say is “This is nothing like I thought it would be”, so let me apologize for giving you the wrong impression and help set the record straight

The truth is no matter who you are, you can and probably should do CrossFit.

The needs of the olympic athlete and your grandma differ by degree, not kind… for example, both need to be able to do a complete squat, just not at the same intensity.  

I think most people miss this important fact because you see more posts and youtube videos on the olympic athlete squatting 200kg than you do of grandma squatting with no weight to a box…

The beauty of any crossFit workout it that loads and intensity can be modified—or scaled—so the same program can improve fitness with Olympians, grandparents and everyone in between. The principles of the program stay the same, but the application is 100 percent individualized.

Every workout can be adjusted so every single person can do a version of that workout. This is true whether the person is under 5 or over 100. It’s true whether the person is fit or overweight. It’s true whether the person is healthy or sick. It’s true whether the person is right as rain or dealing with significant injuries.

Our coaches tailor training for individuals by modifying workouts. We might change the movements in the workout, or  might change its length. We might ask an athlete to lift more or less weight. They might ask an athlete to move faster or slower. This process is often referred to as “scaling.”

By adjusting workouts, we allow the fittest people and first-timers to train side by side—and both groups become healthier. The best part: The experienced athlete and the new person will bump fists at the end of the workout, each knowing the other just overcame a challenge.

The goal of CrossFit has always been to design a program that would build the fittest soldiers and athletes in the world, then scale that same program to help your dad be the healthiest person he can be. The tough part now is getting people to see that.

Don’t believe me? That’s ok 🙂 what are you doing tomorrow, why not let us show you…